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County of Armagh - Church Records - Sources

PRONI = Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.


  • Baptist Church - See page 3 in the PRONI's Your Family Tree Series - 3
  • The Baptist Union of Ireland, 117 Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9, Northern Ireland

Church of Ireland (C of I)


Irish Evangelical Society



Other Denominations



  • Archives:
  • Eustace, P. B. and Goodbody, O. C., Quaker Records Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Stationery Office for the Irish Manuscripts Commission, Dublin, 1957.
  • Goodbody, O. C. and Hutton, B. G., Guide to Irish Quaker records, 1654-1860, Genealogical Pub. Co. Baltimore, MD, 1999
  • Library of the Ulster Quarterly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, 2000 CD-ROM, Craigavon Museum Services, Craigavon, (2000)
  • The Quaker Corner - from Joanne Todd Rabun of Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.

Roman Catholic